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Internet Service


Northern Electric's wholly-owned subsidiary "Northern Wireless" provides high-speed Internet service throughout the cooperative's service area and beyond. Northern Wireless Broadband is an always-connected, high-speed Internet service that fits the budget of home or business users. Ditch the dial-up and unleash the power of the Internet with Northern Wireless. 4MB packages starting at $39.95 (speeds up to 100MB are available).


Northern Wireless also offers high-speed WiMAX service for the cities of Aberdeen, Redfield, Hecla, Ipswich, Doland, and the vicinity around those cities. WiMAX is an alternative for customers who don't want to use cable or DSL to get online or who prefer interference-free mobile Interment access. The Basic 4MB package for Northern Wireless WiMAX starts at only $39.95 with no long-term contract, no extra equipment costs and the ability to use it on the go, anywhere in Aberdeen, Redfield, Hecla, Ipswich, and Doland.

For more information on which package is right for you, please call Northern Wireless at 225-0310.

Map of Northern Wireless Internet Coverage Area:

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internet service coverage map